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Visual Insights

Retail Mapper™ supports every level of your organization. Your retail network is a rich source of visual data that can be used to support marketing decisions within any of your operating groups. When combined with our enhanced demographic and geographic data, Retail Mapper provides robust insights for your management team and key stakeholders.

Mobile First

Retail Mapper™ is a mobile first application developed from the bottom-up to be used on smartphones and tablets. Its mobile orientation facilitates ease of use in retail environments. Through simplicity of design and purpose, we guarantee that any member of your organization can pick up and begin using Retail Mapper™ without prior experience – and minimal training.

Lottery Inspired

Lottery has one of the largest retail networks that exist with 200,000 locations in the United States. Retail Mapper™ was developed in partnership with Scientific Games (NASD: SGMS) to provide lottery stakeholders with an in-store marketing edge. Retail Mapper™ has been battle tested in multiple state lottery jurisdictions as well as with key lottery retail partners.

Retail Mapper™ is a key ingredient in the recipe for retail success, it provides insight, vision, and an executable roadmap in one simple application

For more information about Retail Mapper, download the app.

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